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Commercial Door Screens


Are your employees keeping the doors open during hot weather?  Are your open doors inviting in every bug, bird, rodent and passing stranger? Keep your employees comfortable and keep the bugs and strangers out by installing screens on your door openings.  Overhead Door Company of Greater Syracuse™ has solutions to provide your commercial, industrial, or agricultural facility with screening solutions that work with your existing doors (in most cases).

Industrial Screen Doors from Rasco Industries


For decades, Rasco Industries, Inc. has provided industrial screen door solutions to a variety of industries. They have worked closely with major food packaging and processing plants, food inspection organizations, and a USDA laboratory to assure a product design and screen selection to meet their rigorous needs and high standards.




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Bug Barrier Roll-Up Doors from Gateway Industrial Products


The Bug Barrier is an industrial mesh bug door used to improve air flow while keeping out insects. It’s perfect for food processing and manufacturing plants, helping facilities comply with USDA Federal regulations 9CFR416.2, 21CFR110.20, 21CFR110.35. It also helps facilities meet AIB Consolidated Standards for Packaging Facilities Product Safety section 8B and C. Bug barriers can be readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings to eliminate unwanted pests such as insects, birds, and other airborne contaminants.




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